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At the conception of Lil Bettas Swim School, my goal was to educate, support, sustain, and generate a positive environment for all students, of all backgrounds equally. As we progressed, I was honored to come across some incredible swim students and families who have changed my life. It is time that we as a swim school give back to our community and celebrate the true superheroes among us.


Given to a child between the ages of 5-12, who have shown initiative and leadership in their community to encourage inclusion, acceptance, and equality among children with special needs, backgrounds and physical differences. The recipient will show that they have generated awareness for love and kindness towards their peers, either in schools, extra curricular sports, religious communities or neighbourhoods. We are facing a crisis in our world, and the recipient of this award will demonstrate how they are working towards making a change for those who need it most.  The recipient (s) will receive 4 swim classes.

This award is named in honour of Miss Everly, a very special student at Lil Bettas Swim School who has exceeded all expectations and overcome adversity at every turn. Miss Everly is the prime example of never letting anyone tell you that something cannot be done. Facing many challenges in her very young life, Miss Everly greets every day with a smile and determination to be awesome…and she truly is awesome.  Some examples are: organizing friends to reach out to a child alone on the playground and including them in their recess activities, or speaking up about showing kindness to a child that needs an advocate.



This award is given to a recipient between the ages of 2 and 12, who have fought like superheroes when facing a severe medical diagnosis and medical condition.  The recipient can be nominated by anyone who feels that the child would benefit from having swimming lessons and using their superpowers to learn this life saving skill. The recipient (s) will receive 4 swim classes.

This award in named in honour of Miss Sephaia. Diagnosed at a very young age with a severe medical condition, she has fought like a superhero and never let her illness dampen her smile. Miss Sephaia is caring, loving, and kind to everyone and everything she encounters in her day, and will never let an opportunity pass to stop and greet someone with her smile and a “hello”. Miss Sephaia is a fighter and carries more strength in her tiny soul than I could have ever imagined.

There are no prerequisites for this award, other than a medical condition that has been the source of the child navigating an adverse childhood.


This award will be given to a child or siblings if applicable of any age, within families who have survived, and or escaped domestic violence situations, and are facing difficult times. The recipients can and will remain anonymous and may be nominated by anyone wishing to provide the families with the opportunity to have the children learn this life saving skill. The recipient (s) will receive 4 swim classes.



Deadline for submissions and applications is November 30, 2021.
Recipients will be notified by email.

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