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Every BooBoo Needs a Hug, so we have a bandage that gives one - and now the Amazing Hug-a-BooBoos feature Beautiful Butterflies! The adorable Butterflies on Hug-a-BooBoo Premium adhesive bandages all have outstretched wings, just waiting to give a comforting hug to any scrape or cut! No booboo - no problem! You can wear one anyway! More than just another cute bandage, Hug-a-BooBoo’s unique premium padding has small extensions that give extra protection to sensitive areas around a wound. Our padding is also thicker than other brands for extra comfort and absorbency. That’s a special hug! Those Special Hugging Wings send a comforting message that truly connects with kids! A Bunch of Hugs in Every Box!

Butterfly Hugs Adhesive Bandages

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